Blue Sky Laws

Blue Sky Laws is a common term used to refer to laws passed by various states to protect the public against securities fraud. The term originated on a court ruling made by a judge, who was quoted as saying, "a stock had as much value as a patch of blue sky".

Upstock is a platform that helps companies comply with blue sky laws. The platform offers services such as automated compliance, streamlined reporting and registration, and thoughtfully designed tools to help users stay in sync with their respective jurisdictions’ regulations. Upstock also provides access to educational resources on the different legal requirements of each state, as well as insight into the latest changes in regulations. With Upstock, companies can confidently ensure they are meeting their blue sky laws requirements. Additionally, Upstock offers users a dashboard that provides real-time updates on their compliance status and allows them to quickly make any necessary adjustments. This helps to ensure that companies maintain compliant operations and protect themselves from costly fines or penalties.

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