Cap Table

Also known as the capitalization table, a cap table is a vital document in the corporate and financial realm. It serves as a comprehensive record of all equity holders within a company, detailing each individual's ownership percentage. Beyond mere ownership figures, the cap table plays a crucial role in tracking equity dilution by encompassing outstanding options, warrants, and convertible debt.

How Upstock Relates to Cap Table in Equity Management

Upstock emerges as a game-changer in the realm of equity management by offering companies a centralized platform to streamline their cap table operations. By leveraging Upstock's intuitive interface, founders and executives can effortlessly monitor employee ownership, track equity dilution, manage vesting schedules, oversee grants, stock options, and various other forms of equity compensation. This innovative solution not only simplifies cap table management but also minimizes the manual effort required by corporate finance teams to navigate the intricacies of equity tracking.

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