Investor Types

Investor types are commonly classified entities that are key players in the private equity industry which are distinguished based on particular fund structures and sources of capital supply. In the United States, privated equity is dominated by Private-Independent Funds. Meanwhile, Canadian activity is diversified across several major groups. Corporate funds (C) are made of up subsidiaries of financial or industrial corporations. Government funds (G) are those agencies or crown corporations owned exclusively by the government. Institutional investors (IN) consist of funds managed inside certain large institutions. Retail funds such as LSVCCs and PVCCs are primarily established with benefit of government tax credits for individuals. Private-Independent funds (PI) are funds structured on Limited Partnerships and other related vehicles. Foreign investors (FI) refer to non-resident private equity funds or corporations active in Canada. Other investors (OT) are those individuals or entities that have interest in specific private equity deals, although they do not have a permanent presence in the market.

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