Scenario modeling

Scenario analysis or scenario modeling is a term commonly used in the financial world for the process of examining and evaluating possible events that could take place in the future. Such an analysis takes into consideration the various feasible results or outcomes to be used for estimating and forecasting changes in the value of the cash flow or business. This is done especially at a time when there are favorable and unfavorable events that could potentially impact the company.

Key Points:

  • Examining and evaluating possible future events
  • Estimating and forecasting changes in cash flow or business value
  • Considering various feasible outcomes
  • Assessing impact of favorable and unfavorable events on the company

Many business managers utilize scenario analysis during their decision-making processes to determine the best and worst-case scenarios while predicting profits or potential losses. This strategic tool allows for a comprehensive evaluation of potential outcomes, enabling informed decision-making based on thorough analysis.


  • Serves as a decision-making tool for business managers, aiding in strategic planning and risk management.
  • Facilitates predicting profits and assessing potential losses, offering insights into financial implications of various scenarios.
  • Evaluates best and worst-case scenarios, providing a holistic view of potential outcomes to guide decision-making.
  • Commonly utilized by individuals seeking business funding for startups or emerging companies to present well-thought-out projections to investors.

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