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Upstock's Core Documents

Here are some of Upstock's core documents for you or your legal counsel to review prior to getting on Upstock's platform.
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Upstock RSU Plan

Upstock performance equity plan example

Upstock Award Agreement

This document is signed by both the company and the worker. It has language that is specific to the worker's agreement with the company in  regards to the worker's equity and vesting.

upstock award agreement example

Upstock Pool Creation Agreement

This document creates a pool of equity with a particular number of shares backing the pool up. This document is signed by the company and references the Plan document.

Upstock performance equity pool grant

Service Provider Agreement

This optional document can be used by the company to specify the working relationship between the worker and the company. It can be used for employees, contractors and advisers. It also includes IP protection, confidentiality, and non-compete language. Some companies may not need to use this if they already have an employment agreement in place.

upstock service provider agreement