Gig Companies

Retain your best workers with fractionalized equity.

These days gig workers can easily jump ship to work for your competitors.

Stock options don't work for startups, RSUs do.

Oftentimes before their shares become liquid, team members must buy stock options in order to obtain equity at their company. In order to make joining the team even marginally appealing to team members, 409a valuations force companies to undervalue themselves. RSUs act as a kind of IOU for future stock, eliminating the requirement for a 409a and giving team members the opportunity to join immediately without forcing them to pay in advance.

The most affordable equity management system available.

Upstock makes RSUs accessible for all, including gig companies. at any stage. We spent years working with legal experts from top international firms to automate the time-consuming and costly process of creating great equity plans. We believe that all companies regardless of size or budget should be able to offer their team the best equity plan possible.

Empower, motivate and align your team's goals

Equity feels real and fair when stakeholders can see it. Upstock equity offers real-time equity visualization for all team members, creating excitement and a sense of personal investment in the company's success.

Upstock's Universal Equity

10x more affordable than Carta or stock options
Top-shelf paperless legal contracts
All business and worker types
Secondary market RSU liquidity
Available in 70 countries
No lawyer required
One size fits most
upstock universal equity
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Elevate your equity with Upstock.

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