Upstock is led by Couchsurfing founder & serial entrepreneur Casey Fenton.

Core Team

  Casey Fenton

Co-Founder & CEO
  • Founder, Couchsurfing (20M+ users)
  • Five-time serial entrepreneur with successful exits
  • $25M raised from top VCs such as Benchmark, General Catalyst, Menlo Ventures, midyear, Found

Arne Peder Blix

Co-Founder & BD
  • Founder, Accurate Equity (later Equatex)
  • Spent more than a decade serving 30% of Fortune 100 equity market, never lost a customer
  • Equatex was aquired by Computershare in 2018

Erica Blair

Co-Founder & CMO
  • Founder, Blockchain Branding
  • Communications specialist with focus on innovative technology & new economy initiatives
  • Co-organizer, Bretton Woods 75 New Economy Summit

Pawlo Riveros

  • Chief technical lead
  • Worked with CEO Casey Fenton for 8+ years on multiple companies
  • Former developer for Couchsurfing

Terry Williams

Legal Lead
  • Chief equity document legal advisor
  • 18-year international equity plan expert for 120 countries
  • Led equity plan design for Baker Mckenzie & Hewlett Packard

Virginia Forsyth

  • Chief customer onboarding lead
  • 10+ years experience in commercial law for a top London law firm
  • Former solicitor for a multi-million dollar international organization

Scott McGregor, PhD

Finance Director
  • Experienced SaaS Finance Manager for 20 years
  • Forecasting and Modeling Wizard
  • Makes sure the Upstock UI is bookeeper-friendly

Cansu Fenton

Lead Marketing Specialist
  • 7+ years of marketing experience
  • Lead marketing  strategiest
  • Experienced in marketing, sales and operations

Gabriel Fenton

Project Manager
  • 10+ years of experience in the startup world.
  • UX & UI expert in the field if startups.

Renata Valkova

  • Chief customer success lead
  • International lawyer and mediator
  • Deep knowledge in EU & US law

Amanda Baker


Richard Titus

General Partner at All Fund and former Senior VP, Samsung. ICO expert with over 30 successful ICOs. 

Fred Whittlesley

Founder, Compensation Venture Group. 30-year expert witness in equity litigation disputes.

Daniel Hoffer

VC (Autotech), Tandem Capital. Founder & Former CEO of Couchsurfing. Deep product expertise from roles at NortonLive (Symantech) and Triplit (Concur/SAP).

Janielle Denier

CEO, RainFactory, Inc. Top growth hacker & crowdfunding expert. Responsible for 8 of the top 20 Indiegogo campaigns.


Maxim Kahlert

Graphic Designer

Mehedi Doha

Web Designer

Parimal Kumar

Product Tester

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