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Join our webinar about Worker Equity

April 27, Wednesday
1:00 -2:00 PM PST
via Zoom

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Learn how to use equity to recruit, to retain and motivate top workers

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Workers who identify with the company and are aligned with its goals are more likely to stay and less likely to leave. FInd out how a good equity plan allows you to reduce turnover rates & increasing satisfaction.


Workers who feel like they are being properly rewarded and appreciated for doing their jobs well they have more motivation to do so. Learn how pay-for-performance compensation plans can form part of your HR strategy for improving employee productivity and performance KPIs.


One of the biggest challenges for early-stage workers is understanding how equity works. We will share how offering workers and employees the opportunity to become part-owners of the company, you facilitate identity alignment with the company through collective ownership. 


  • Reduces turnover costs and generates better morale​​
  • Saves workers significant money & hassle​​ by reducing their tax burdens
  • Significantly saves time & money spent on legal services
  • Top-shelf paperless legal contracts
  • Available in 70 countries

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