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Benefits of Upstock

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Easy setup
Double Trigger Vesting  for
Time & Liquidity
Integrates with other equity platforms
Most affordable equity plan for companies

The Upstock Story

Casey Fenton was looking for ways to motivate his team at Couchsurfing & discovered massive challenges with traditional equity systems.

Consistently, when Casey used stock option based equity he actually saw that productivity declined.


Believing that every team should have access to tools that help unite & build a successful company,  he set out on a quest to repair the broken equity model. 

Thus Upstock was born. A digital, top-shelf legal equity system that combines performance equity with a visual dashboard, so workers can watch their equity grow in realtime.

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At Upstock, granting workers RSU-based equity is simple, fast, & doesn't require a lawyer.

Watch equity grow in real time.

Workers can’t believe what they can’t see.


Upstock’s dynamic dashboards and real-time notifications allow workers to watch the company's value grow alongside their contributions.

Vinit Patel, CEO of SKUE

"Upstock makes my workers feel like part of a team."



Granting workers company ownership does more than just boost morale & make job offers more competitive

Equity increases a business's chances for success by giving workers skin in the game & incentivizing them to think long term.


With equity: when the company wins, workers win.

Before Upstock, issuing worker equity involved:

  • High lawyer fees & slow timelines

  • Stock options instead of RSUs for start ups

  • Confusing legal structures that hurt worker morale

With Upstock, issuing worker equity is:

  • Up to 40x more affordable than traditional lawyers

  • Faster to implement

  • Clearer, simpler, easier for workers to understand

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Interested in a closer look? 

Take a walkthrough of the Upstock Dashboard.

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