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Equity for every team.

Upstock brings shared company ownership to businesses of all sizes — no lawyer required.

With Upstock, granting workers equity is as simple as paying their salary.

How Upstock Works

Add team members

Employers enter rates for each worker & click to issue legally binding equity

Track contributions

Workers earn additional equity over time for work contributed & KPIs achieved

Motivate with real-time visuals

Workers & employers can see value of the equity & get notified as it grows

Introducing the world’s fastest, easiest & most affordable way to share company ownership.

Before Upstock, issuing worker equity involved:

  • High lawyer fees (tens of thousands of dollars!)

  • Slow timelines

  • Confusing legal structures that hurt worker morale

With Upstock, issuing worker equity is:

  • Up to 40x more affordable than traditional lawyers

  • Faster to implement

  • Clearer, simpler, easier for workers to understand

Unlock the motivational power of equity for your team.



Granting workers company ownership does more than just boost morale & make job offers more competitive

Equity increases a business's chances for success by giving workers skin in the game & incentivizing them to think long term.


With equity, when the company wins, workers win.

Vinit Patel, CEO of SKUE

"My workers feel like they're part of a team."

Watch equity grow in real time.

Workers can’t believe what they can’t see.


Upstock’s dynamic dashboards and real-time notifications allow workers to watch the company's value grow alongside their contributions.

Equity that is as dynamic as your company.

Meet Dynamic Value Splitting.

When equity is divided before work is done, it rarely ends up feeling fair to everyone involved.


Upstock’s Dynamic Value Splitting algorithm updates the equity split based on contribution, helping it better reflect value generated.

Equity for every team  — including yours.

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