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Offer Restricted Stock Units to workers


Give workers the option to convert their currently vested stock options into RSUs.

  • Ex. Worker receives Y amount of RSUs in exchange for X amount of currently vested stocks


Offer workers RSUs for any future vesting of stock


Add workers on Upstock so that they can watch their equity grow in real time.

Stock Options to
Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)
Benefits of converting into Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)
Simplified Liquidation
Workers can now gain ownership without buying stocks, and when RSUs are fully vested, they can liquidate and sell a portion of them to cover taxes, but no taxes are owed until the final payout.
Easily balance cap tables
The company is not required to hold shares in custody and no voting rights are granted until RSUs are converted into stocks, which simplifies decision-making. No need to cancel outstanding shares if worker leaves before vesting.
Flexible Administration
The company utilizes double-trigger vesting to ensure cash availability when RSUs are fully vested and also offers RSU buy-back periods for workers to sell back their RSUs for cash. Varied metrics may be applied to reward workers, contractors, and others.
Creates Alignment
Real-time equity tracking enhances worker commitment to the company's long-term success, enables easy scalability, and reduces office politics.
Why Upstock RSUs?
The Benefits of RSU-based Equity
At Upstock, we've created compensation tools that make viewing your company's equity simple and easy to understand. Here are few ways we help make things easier:
Real-time data
Real-Time equity reports

Upstock's Dashboard provides real-time data on how much equity is owned as well as the current value of that equity.

No more spreadsheets

Have the entire company's equity data clearly compiled and easy to access on one platform.

Easy to understand
reduced confusion for workers and owners

Owners always know who is contribution and workers no longer have to wonder how much their equity is worth.

Reduced Costs
Upstock provides cost-efficient solutions

No more huge upfront costs to get a plan in place, and no more annual costs to update and analyze where your company stands.

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Upstock empowers companies to offer top-shelf and high-quality equity plans to workers and team members in 75+ countries around the world.
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