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Why you should shift to Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

Stock options are starting to fall out of favor as the equity plan of choice by companies.
Here are some of the key advantages of RSUs:

Simplified Liquidation

With Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), workers gain ownership without buying stocks. Once fully vested, they can sell a portion to cover taxes, with no tax owed until the final payout.

Easily balance
cap tables

Simplifies decision-making as the company doesn't hold shares or grant voting rights until conversion. No need to cancel outstanding shares if you leave before vesting.

Fosters team alignment

Real-time equity tracking enhances the teams commitment to the company's long-term success.

Stock Options to
Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)
Benefits of converting into Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)
Simplified Liquidation
Workers can now gain ownership without buying stocks, and when RSUs are fully vested, they can liquidate and sell a portion of them to cover taxes, but no taxes are owed until the final payout.
Easily balance cap tables
The company is not required to hold shares in custody and no voting rights are granted until RSUs are converted into stocks, which simplifies decision-making. No need to cancel outstanding shares if worker leaves before vesting.
Flexible Administration
The company utilizes double-trigger vesting to ensure cash availability when RSUs are fully vested and also offers RSU buy-back periods for workers to sell back their RSUs for cash. Varied metrics may be applied to reward workers, contractors, and others.
Creates Alignment
Real-time equity tracking enhances worker commitment to the company's long-term success, enables easy scalability, and reduces office politics.
top-line rsu management system
Why you should shift
to Upstock’s RSU system
Convert your stock option plan to RSUs and start taking advantage of
sophisticated Upstock’s RSU management system.
motivating and accurate valuations
Real-Time Data

Real-time data allows workers to see the estimated value of their equity and how it changes over time, promoting transparency and trust between the company and its workers.

security and accuracy
No more spreadsheets

The use of spreadsheets to manage equity can lead to errors due to manual input, copy-pasting errors, and formula mistakes. Upstock's RSU management system eliminates these risks and ensures security and accuracy.

Simple and user-friendly interface
Easy to understand

The Upstock platform has a straightforward interface that is easy to navigate and understand. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, with clear explanations and intuitive features.

Standardized equity documents
Reduced legal costs

Upstock Equity provides standardized legal documents that may be customized for each company. This can reduce the time and cost associated with legal review.

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members in 75+ countries around the world.
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