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We'd like to offer your portfolio companies an exciting  perk to improve their chances of sucess. 

Your companies can now issue and manage worker equity plans for a tenth of the cost and effort. 

RSUs are the gold standard of equity, until now they have been prohibitively expensive for startups. Harvard Business Review (Steve Blank) recently said to skip stock options and use RSUs instead.  

Upstock has made a breakthrough in the RSU plan creation process by standardizing legal documents and ELIMINATING THE NEED FOR LAWYERS AND 409A's.  

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Available Perks

  • FREE ONBOARDING (save $500)

  • 3 WORKERS FREE (save $60/month)

Have Casey Fenton speak to your portfolio.

An informational talk on the future of equity and how to get the most out of your worker equity. Revealing pro hacks and traps!

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Why issue RSUs with Upstock?

Stock options are demotivating to employees . . .


They are expensive and intangible. With Upstock RSUs, you get:

  • The world's most motivating equity in a visible dashboard

  • 10x more affordable than Carta or stock options

  • Top shelf, paperless legal contracts

  • No lawyer or 409a needed

  • All business & worker types, available in 70 countries

  • Free onboarding assistance

Also, check out our Ambassador program to receive equity for referring companies that become Upstock customers. 

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