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Real-Time Insights
Track your equity growth in real-time and truly understand your share in the company's success. With Upstock, equity becomes more than a benefit—it becomes a driving force.
With transparent equity tracking and real-time insights, Upstock inspires collaboration, accountability, and a deep sense of ownership, driving personal and professional growth like never before.

Create Team Alignment

Upstock's Equity System creates team alignment by offering employees a stake in the company's success, which increases their sense of ownership and commitment to its goals.

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Empower and Motivate

Upstock provides a unique solution that empowers, motivates and aligns your team's goals by offering equity ownership through its innovative platform.


Upstock Brings Affordable RSUs to Companies of all sizes. Our automated Equity Plans are the result of years of work with legal experts, making the best possible Equity Plans accessible to everyone.

RSUs and
Stock Options

With Upstock, teams can earn equity without having to buy Stock Options. Our RSUs act as an IOU for future stock, allowing immediate buy-in and avoiding the need for a 409a Valuation.

RSUs: Improving on Stock Options
No strike price
Employees don't have to pay anything upfront to receive their equity. RSUs don’t go underwater and workers can receive the shares without incurring any costs or possible losses.
Tax Timing
Tax consequences can be deferred until the shares are delivered. Workers can delay paying taxes until they have the necessary funds to pay for it.
Liquidity Ensured
Since double-trigger RSUs are often tied to landmark events where there is sufficient liquidity, workers are assured that they will be able to cash out if they want to.
Upstock’s equity system was built and designed by top attorneys with the goal of maximizing alignment through fair and equitable rewards.
Reduces tax burdens
With its dashboards and calculators, Upstock makes it easy for you to keep track of your equity stake.
Feel like a fair exchange
Our goal is to make equity accessible to all workers. Upstock is available in 70+ countries and comes with easy-to-understand informational materials and resources.

What our clients and supporters say

Join the ranks of visionary CEOs and companies who've transformed their equity distribution, fostering a culture of true ownership and alignment. Want to let us know how we're doing? Let us know below!

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Mike Mayer

CEO of Main Event Digital

"It has made my company employee-owned and has incentivized my team to stay engaged and motivated."

AJ Goldstein

CEO of Aware Healthcare

"Upstock is pioneering a new way to motivate employees with aligned incentives. There's nothing else like it out there on the market."

Rett Kearbey

CEO of Sholder

“We’ve spent one-third of what it might have cost to get where we are, and best of all, our team has developed a strong passion."

Justin Gordon

CEO of ShakaCode.com & HiChee.com

"I saved $1.5 million cash by paying workers with Upstock equity."

Vinit Patel


“Upstock makes my workers feel like part of a team.”

Ciaran Carrol

CEO of Tuvens

“Without this great product, there’s no way I could’ve grown our team to 25 contributors with top talent from Amazon, Sutter Health, Inspire Health, and IBM Watson."

World-class equity plans for global teams
Upstock empowers companies to offer top-shelf and high-quality equity plans to workers and team members in 75+ countries around the world.
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