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What is Upstock?

Optimized RSU Centric Equity Agreements

Optimized RSU Centric Equity Agreements

Employers input workers into Upstock to issue legally binding equity

Workers can vest a fixed number of shares (ex: four years, one year cliff).

Or workers can vest a dynamic number depending on their contribution. Our performance algorithm calculates a fair division of equity.

Real-Time Motivational Dashboard

Workers and employers can watch equity growing in real time

Dashboard allows workers to see & believe that their work is paying off

Workers are incentivized to make decisions for the long-term success of the company

Real-Time Motivational Dashboard

Now offering a crypto friendly option

Crypto companies should not give their workers coins directly for legal regulatory reasons.  

Now crypto companies can offer Restricted Token Units (RTUs) to reward and engage their team members.

Contact us  for more information.

Our Onboarding Process

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Sign up for an Upstock account.

Time frame: 5 minutes
Information needed: business name, contact information, payment information for Upstock subscription.


Add team members to the pool.

Time frame: 10 - 30 minutes
Information needed: team members' emails, large companies can import to Upstock.
Total time required: 30 - 80 minutes


Create your equity pool.

Time frame: 15 minutes Information needed: percentage of company equity you wish to start with. This number can easily be increased at a later date.
See examples.


Sit back and wait for your team to sign legal documents.

Team members will need to log in to Upstock, review their document, enter in full name and address, then digitally sign.

Workers see their equity  growing in value in real time.

Workers see their equity  growing in value in real time.

Issue equity for
non-founder workers.

Perfect for formed companies that
have already issued  founder equity.

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Want to know what our customers are saying? Check out our Customer Testimonials.

Upstock Motivational Dashboard

Motivational Dashboard

Now workers can view their equity through an easy-to-use interface, allowing them to see a meaningful visualization of their stake in the company & inspiring them to give their best effort at growing the company's future success.

Upstock Performance Algorithm

Performance Algorithm

Upstock's real-time algorithm calculates worker equity distribution automatically through adjusting a performance-based equity pool according to productivity inputs for each team member (based on time, defined tasks, or milestones).

Upstock Performance Algorithm
Upstock Intuitive Administrative Interface

Intuitive Administrative Interface

Say goodbye to stacks of documents that sit forgotten in drawers never to be touched.

Say hello to a dynamic visualization of equity, Giving employers simple tools to manage workers and equity. Now business owners can adjust incentives to maximize critical periods.

Worker Portal

Easily find equity documents and instantly allow workers to see their share in the company growing in real-time along with their hard work.

Built for any type of worker, including employees, contractors, and advisors.

Upstock Worker Portal
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RSUs: Battle Tested by Fortune 1000s

Upstock is built on RSU
equity units, just like at:

Companies using RSU equity unitsCompanies using RSU equity unitsCompanies using RSU equity unitsCompanies using RSU equity units
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Offer meaningful equity instead of
only cash payments.

RSUs: Improving on Stock Options

Upstock issues RSUs instead of stock options, which is better for most workers because they:

Reduces tax burdens

Workers won't have to buy stock options or pay tax on equity  until the money is available (i.e. when the company achieves financial success)

Avoid cap table problems

Business owners don't have to grant shareholder rights, keeping voting & decision-making chaos to a minimum

Feel like a fair exchange

Workers vastly prefer RSUs compared to stock options, which are more expensive &  confusing, and will still need to be purchased later

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Join Us On Upstock

What do clients love about Upstock?

Upstock helps companies motivate & incentivize workers using modern equity.

Upstock has affordable plans

Affordable Plans

Based on equity plans at Facebook, Apple, Google and more
approximately 90% more affordable than hiring traditional lawyers
Upstock helps companies improve stock units

Improved Stock Units

Upstock's legal docs issue more flexible RSU equity units just like Fortune 1000s
Far superior to stock options due to vastly reduced tax complexity
Upstock reduces payroll expenses

Reduced Payroll Expenses

Business owners can offer meaningful equity instead of only cash payments
Reducing payroll expenses by offering equity in leu of cash

How Upstock can help your company.

How Upstock can help your company.

Increases team motivation

Equity gives workers an increased sense of long-term ownership & creates palpable alignment​
Offers workers the feeling that "we're all in this together"
Generates a highly motivated team invested in helping the company achieve its goals
How Upstock can help your company.

Reduces workplace politics

Everyone has a shared stake in company success
Helps employees feel aligned and "in it together"
How Upstock can help your company.

Boosts worker retention

Workers with a long-term stake are more likely to stay​
Reduces turnover costs and generates better morale​​
How Upstock can help your company.

Relieves overall legal risk

Equity contracts created by some of the world's top equity lawyers​
Additional vetting & bulletproofing by Big 4 accounting firms
upstock is easy to customize

Easy to customize

Founders can easily customize equity plans to fit their needs
Adjustable to desired levels of transparency & flexibility​​
How Upstock can help your company.

Allows teams to scale

Generates new pathways for entrepreneurs to expand their team
Small to medium-sized businesses can issue equity in addition to cash, enabling them to hire more workers
Leads to an average of 68.5% cash savings on payroll (as seen in over 150,000 hours of case studies)
How Upstock can help your company.

Solves cap-table problems

Grants RSUs instead of stock or stock options
Enables granting of equity without adding to cap table
How Upstock can help your company.

Reduces tax & legal burdens

RSUs generally don't require filing or paying taxes until a final payout​
Saves workers significant money & hassle​​
How Upstock can help your company.

Relieves need for lawyers

Can be set up & managed with or without third parties like lawyers & CPAs
Significantly reduces time & money spent on legal services
no maintenance needed

Eliminates maintenance

Documents & software are optimized over time
Automatically upgraded to fit changing requirements​
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Determine your equity pools


Need some help figuring out the size of your equity pool? Check some standard examples at the link bellow.