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Universal Equity

Equity for every situation and all companies globally. Our Universal Equity is fractionalized, visualized, shareable, liquid, crypto-friendly, and works in 70+ countries.

A combination of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) & Restricted Token Units (RTUs) all in one motivational dashboard and set of documents.

Stock options don't work for most companies, RSUs do.

Team members must buy stock options to gain equity at their company, often long before their shares become liquid. 409a valuations push companies to undervalue themselves to make buying-in even remotely enticing to team members. RSUs act like an IOU  for future stock, removing the need for a 409a and creating immediate buy-in privilege for team members without forcing them to pay in advance.

Empower, motivate and align your team's goals.

Equity feels real and fair when stakeholders can see it. Upstock's Universal Equity allows companies in all industries to enjoy the benefits of equity-based compensation without giving up company ownership and control in the process. Upstock offers equity & token value visualization for all team members, creating excitement and a sense of personal investment in the company's success.

Restricted Token Units, not tokens.

As a form of employee compensation, tokens allow blockchain and cryptocurrency companies to incentivize and align workers in the same manner as equity-based compensation. Workers granted pre-launch tokens will be encouraged to work harder on the blockchain project. But offering tokens comes with a whole list of legal problems. RTUs, solve these problems

Equity with Upstock

10x more affordable than traditional equity
Top-shelf paperless legal contracts
All business and worker types
Secondary market RSU liquidity
Available in 70 countries
Works with or without your attorney
One size fits most
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See what our customers think

Justin Gordon testimonial on Upstock

"I reduced my burn, saved $1.5M cash and aligned my workers with equity"

Justin Gordon
CEO of &
Tyler Stratton Upstock review

"Our team would cease to exist without the ability to see what their efforts are worth."

Tyler Stratton
CEO of Zober
Tyler Stratton Upstock review

“Incentives are everything. Upstock is pioneering a new way to motivate employees with aligned incentives. There's nothing else like it out there on the market.”

AJ Goldstein
CEO of Aware Healthcare
Tyler Stratton Upstock review

“Upstock continues to give our early team confidence to bootstrap with sweat equity. We’ve spent one-third of what it might have cost to get where we are, and best of all, our team has developed a strong passion for collective ownership.

Our team loves Upstock because they earn the equity that would have been sold to investors for the cash to pay them out anyway. Ownership is huge to our people, so we’ve traded upfront cash for the long-term potential inherent in what we’re building together. This has been a big part of our team culture, as we’ve all worked hard to de-risk the business and show more traction before selling too much of our company too soon.”

Rett Kearbey
CEO Sholder