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Our Mission is
Universal Equity

At Upstock, we believe in providing every team with the tools they need to build successful and collaborative companies. Our core belief centers around the idea that successful companies thrive when their teams are fully aligned and empowered.

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Our Story
Founded by Casey Fenton, one of the visionaries behind Couchsurfing, Upstock takes the concept of sharing to a new level - sharing ownership of projects and companies that ignite passion.
We created Upstock to help founders and businesses share ownership with their workers easily, quickly, and securely. By integrating Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) with an intuitive interface, we make it possible for workers to become emotionally invested in their work, driving greater collaboration and dedication.
Our Vision
By 2030, 30% of companies will thrive through shared success with employees.
Vision Of Equality
Upstock's shared equity inspires stakeholders to excel and fosters true company alignment, empowering businesses to thrive through increased worker ownership and cooperative capitalism. We simplify and inspire by making ownership accessible and emotionally rewarding, revolutionizing the future of business.
Universal Equity
Upstock’s mission is to turn every team member into a true believer through cutting-edge, mission-aligning equity that inspires everyone to do the best work of their lives. If we do this, we will simultaneously improve companies and improve the world, accelerating the worldfrom 8% to 30% worker-owned.
Our Mission
Inspiring everyone to do the best work of their lives.
Be a part of the solution
A movement is growing that is reversing this trend by creating more worker ownership. Companies with substantial worker ownership heal communities and make businesses stronger and more resilient. These companies are more productive, experience a faster rate of growth, and fail less often.
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Company Values

At Upstock, we stand by a set of core values that guide everything we do.

unlocks greatness
We believe that the alignment of workers and companies unlocks greatness. This includes not only financial alignment but logical, technological, and for some even spiritual alignment.
Worker Equity
We believe in being leaders for the future of work, by making worker equity and alignment accessible to every kind of organization including distributed teams.
Trust and
We believe that more transparency allows stakeholders to trust each other and unlock greatness.
We believe in continual innovation toward more equitable divisions of ownership.
We believe that we should all be emotionally inspired to do the best work of our lives.
Lead and
We believe in leading the global charge toward a more cooperative form of capitalism.
Ownership Mindset:
A mindset shift that can drive success
A Harvard Business Review article shows that when the US reaches 30% worker-ownership, the wealth of the bottom 50% of households will 4x, creating life-changing gains for marginalized populations and the least educated. The top 1% will only see their net worth decrease by a mere 14%, a small cost to ensure a more fair, sustainable, and safe world.
Source: Raising America's Pay: Why it's our Central Economic Policy Challenge
Ownership Mindset:
the greatest lever
In his keynote speech, Upstock founder Casey Fenton expounds on the importance of cultivating an ownership mindset among the remote staff.
Casey Fenton took the stage at the Running Remote Conference 2023 in Lisbon last April 26, 2023 to share his insights on developing an ownership mindset.
Components of
Universal Equity

Upstock is becoming the preferred way for savvy companies in the United States and beyond to share meaningful equity. Reduce the hassle and cost of traditional equity management and experience the benefits of Upstock's accessible equity solution.

Emotionally inspiring
People want to get involved and give more when they understand the value of the time they have invested.
To reach our 30/30 Vision, we must align all stakeholders, including gig-workers, advisers, and to the community members.
We believe in lowering barriers to worker equity: affordable pricing, future-proof docs, easy understanding for trust.
We are making equity accessible worldwide, across different geographies, and crossing various cultural norms.
Our documents are custom-built for each company while maintaining a level of standardization that everyone can trust each other quickly.
Upstock enables customers to tokenize their worker equity (RTUs) on our RSU blockchain, increasing trust, transparency, and ultimately overall share value.
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Join us and bring forth a more cooperative form of capitalism!
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World-class equity plans for global teams
Upstock empowers companies to offer top-shelf and high-quality equity plans to workers and team members in 75+ countries around the world.
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