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Welcome to Upstock, where your hard work pays off like never before. We believe that every team member should share in the success they help create. That's why we've made equity management simple, accessible, and empowering.
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With Upstock, you have the opportunity to see your value rise in real-time and the success of your team, aligning your interests with overall growth and performance.

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Transform Your Equity Experience

Tired of equity plans you don't understand? Upstock's platform makes it easy to visualize your equity, vesting, and potential value.

Simplified and easy to understand

Upstock's intuitive dashboard and mobile app provide real-time insights into your equity. See how much, how, and when it will vest, and what it could be worth.

Engaging and motivating

Upstock's Universal Equity brings this vision to life by providing a visual representation of each team member's equity. This not only fosters a sense of personal investment but also creates a buzz of excitement throughout your organization.

Global Equity

With Upstock, you can trust that your equity is in good hands, no matter where you're located.

What is equity?
Equity with Upstock

Here are straightforward answers to some of the questions you might have about this aspect of your professional journey.

What is equity?

Equity is your stake in the company's success. Think of it as owning a piece of the business, just like owning shares in a public company, but in a more direct and meaningful way.

Why Is Equity Important?

Equity aligns your interests with the company's goals. When the company succeeds, so does your equity, providing you with financial benefits and a sense of ownership.

What If I Don't Understand My Equity Plan?

Upstock simplifies complex equity plans, ensuring that you can easily comprehend and trust your equity structure.

Why Choose upstock?

Our intuitive interface puts you in control, providing real-time visibility into your growing equity. Take charge of your financial future and embrace the seamless Upstock experience designed for you!

Easy to understand

Upstock makes it easy with seamless and transparent equity agreements.

Real-time transparency

Stay in control of your equity and gain real-time visibility into your growth.

Motivational Dashboards

Our motivational dashboard brings your equity's growth and value to life.

Navigating the World of Equity

For equity to truly work, the people receiving it need to understand what equity is all about in the first place.Here’s a quick comparison of what Good versus Bad Equity looks like:
Good Equity
RSUs are another type of equity compensation that offers certain advantages:
Creates alignment.
Protects from tax and expenses.
Guarantees shares despite price.
Motivates toward company goals.
No upfront payment, reduced tax risks, intrinsic value.
Bad Equity
Stock options give you the right to buy company stock at a set price in the future. Here's what you need to know:
Complex and causes confusion.
Requires upfront payment.
Has expiration.
Risks loss in company bankruptcy.
Increases legal burden, lacks alignment.
Want to understand more about the differences between Good Equity and Bad Equity?
Learn how to make informed decisions that align with your financial goals.
Read the article: Good Equity vs. Bad Equity

Restricted Stock Units

Double-Trigger RSUs are a type of equity compensation that grants you shares in a company. The "double-trigger" part means that two specific events need to happen for these shares to become fully yours.
Double Trigger RSUs protect equity during acquisitions or changes in control.
Align your interests with company success through stock value growth.
Secure guaranteed equity grants regardless of stock performance.
Top-tech companies that also use
Double-Trigger RSUs
your commonly asked topics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Equity?

Equity means you own a piece of the company. It's like having a share in the business, and when the company does well, your share becomes more valuable.

How Does Equity Benefit Me?

When you have equity, you share in the company's success. If the company grows, your equity can become more valuable, and you might get a piece of the profits.

How Can I Get Equity?

Your company can give you equity as a reward for your hard work. It's like a bonus, but instead of cash, you get a share in the company.

Can I Lose My Equity?

Usually, you won't lose your equity unless you leave the company. It's like keeping your share of a cake, even if you don't eat it right away.

How Do I Keep Track of My Equity?

Upstock helps you see how much equity you have and how it changes over time. It's like checking your bank account balance.

What Happens If the Company Sells or Goes Public?

If the company gets sold or goes public, your equity can become more valuable.

Can I Trust Upstock with My Equity?

Yes, Upstock helps make sure your equity is safe and transparent. It's like having a trusted friend keep an eye on your stuff.

How Can I Learn More About Equity?

Upstock offers resources and support to help you understand equity better. It's like having a library for learning about owning a piece of a company.

Is It Like Stock Market Shares?

Yes, it's similar. Just like you can buy and sell stocks in the stock market, you can also buy and sell your company's equity depending on your agreement.

How do I get my company to offer equity?

If your company doesn't already have an equity plan in place, consider having a legal expert from your company review Upstock's legal documents. This will help your company understand the legal aspects involved.

You can then reach out to Upstock for guidance and support. We specialize in equity management and can provide valuable insights into the process.

Have more questions? Explore our comprehensive Help Center for in-depth answers and resources. We're here to assist you every step of the way. Visit our Help Center now or send us an email.
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