Upstock is built on RSU Equity Units
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Worker Appreciation

Welcome to Upstock, we love our workers!

We exist to make a fair system that companies and workers can use to trust each other (our reputation depends on it!) and do great work that everyone can be proud of.

Believe in what you do by investing your time for equity.

Envision a world where ownership is for the many, not the few. Upstock brings fractional ownership and the benefits of value splitting to the masses.

So if you're willing to work for it, you can own equity in your company.

Worker Benefits


We make earning and owning equity with the company you work at accessible with a dashboard that makes it easy to see and understand the real-time value of your equity.


Get motivated by unlocking equity rewards. Earn bonuses of equity for completing high priority tasks, or sales sprints. Grow together with your company with aligned incentives.


Fair to workers and CEOs with transparent company metrics. See how much equity you can earn from the company’s performance equity pool.

Contact Your Company

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