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RSUs not Stock Options

Restricted stock units (RSUs) are superior to stock options in most situations.

RSUs have been changing the way we think about and deploy equity. As a legal guarantee for stock upon a liquidity event, RSUs solve most of the problems of stock options.

Like SpaceX, Facebook, Google and other top companies, Upstock leverages RSUs with double-trigger vesting to create a nuanced solution that balances the interests of individual workers, investors and potential future acquirers.

If you choose fractionalized equity, you never have to worry about giving too much too early, as the pool auto adjusts depending on contributions made. Also, with RSUs you generally won’t need to pay for 409a valuations, saving you $1,000 to $7,000 per year.

Equity Dashboards, Not a Stack of Documents

Every team should have access to tools that help unite & build a successful company. To allow founders to share their companies and passion projects quickly, easily, and safely by sharing ownership in a way that helps workers get emotionally invested in their work.

At Upstock we do this by combining RSUs with an awesome interface. Upstock’s motivational dashboard allows workers to see their ownership grow in real time, thus facilitating emotional investment in the company.

Our dashboard shares your company’s estimated valuation, allowing workers to see their slice increase along with their hard work.

People believe what they can see.

Drive Performance with Incremental Bonuses

Upstock issues legally binding RSU bonuses in just a few clicks.

This allows managers to instantly change incentives for a person or team’s equity. For example, managers can double a team’s equity pool points for a defined period of time.

These on the fly bonuses create a smart work ethic and also result in workers feeling happier during intense sales and development pushes.

Standardized Legal Documents= Speed + Trust

Just like the YC SAFE investment agreement, Upstock provides electronic top-shelf legal documents that benefit all stakeholders to accelerate business and increase productivity.

All Upstock docs are optimized for synergistic satisfaction, maximizing benefit to all parties. For efficiency, they are electronically signed and saved in the cloud to immediately enable work with employees, contractors, and advisors.

These documents allow you to incentivize workers in 70 countries!

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