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Are you an international Start-up attorney?

Help us maintain our legal documents for your region and become a preferred Upstock partner. Unlock additional discounts and resources for your firm and clients.

Upstock simplifies the process of creating, executing, and onboarding your clients onto a top-shelf, international equity plan.

Did you know that 75% of top tech companies use RSUs? Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology that will increase your client's chances of success.

The era of stock options is coming to  a close. Everyone wins.

Offer your clients the best equity has to offer

Stock options are hurting your client’s bottom line and are failing to successfully motivate their team members. Upstock offers both fixed and dynamic RSUs. RSUs have been proven to be more effective than stock options at incentivizing the long-term motivation of a company’s workers.  Everyone knows stock options are on the way out. Click here to see a comparison of RSUs, Stock Options. Did you know that 75% of tech companies issue RSU?

Create the right equity plan for your clients

Upstock takes care of the basics of setting up an equity plan so that you can focus on the creative nuances of drafting the perfect equity plan documents for your clients. Your clients will love you for it since we not only make their lives simpler by not having to deal with 409a valuations and additional tax burdens, but we also will help increase their worker’s motivation and long-term happiness working at their company at the same time.

An efficent solution for equity modeling

Use our tools to help you model out the perfect equity plan for your clients based on the values, burn rate, and semantics of their company.  Upstock’s standardized equity plan documents allow you to create unique equity plans for every company.

Upstock's Universal Equity

All business and worker types
Top-shelf paperless legal contracts
Equity plan modeling
Available in 70 countries
Customizable one-size fits most legal documents
Automatic updating of legal documents
Easy cap table management
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Help your client's companies achieve success

Help your client to empower, motivate and align their company’s workers. Equity feels real and fair when stakeholders can see and believe in what they have earned and what they are working towards. Upstock offers real-time equity visualization for executives, team members, and advisers. Our dashboards help to create excitement and a sense of personal investment in the company’s success.  These days equity is most motivating when it’s visual and dynamic. Stacks of documents gathering dust in a drawer or buried in an inbox are demotivating. These days it’s not enough to simply issue documents. As we know with the YCombinater SAFE, standardized documents are better for everyone. It’s not enough to have a great set of documents, communicating to workers so they can believe, trust, and feel inspired to do their best work.

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