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Universal Award plan
A sophisticated and flexible company incentive plan that enables the award of equity (RSUs) or even digital assets (RTUs).
Equity Pool Grant Document
Allows you to create pools of equity or assets for different purposes.
Award Agreement
The main award agreement that features double-trigger RSUs (or RTUs) that benefits both the worker and the company.
Tery Williams
legal Advisor
22 years building international equity plans for Fortune 100 companies in 90+ countries.
universal equity solution
Equity plan Creation

A sophisticated RSU-based, universal equity system that you can rely on and trust as a legal professional.

what is "universal equity"?

Universal Equity is Upstock's proprietary equity plan system that allows companies to offer not only traditional equity (with RSUs) but also tokens or digital assets (with RTUs). It's called "universal" because it is available globally in over 70+ countries around the world.

Will this Work in my jurisdiction?

Upstock's universal equity plan is designed to work in various jurisdictions and be adaptable to any legal or regulatory developments. If you have thoughts or questions about it's viability in your country, we'd love to talk to you about it!

Can I customize the equity Plan?

Yes, it's possible to an extent. The legal document templates we provide uses a one-size-fits-most approach that allows certain variations in certain variables. We leave it to you as a legal professional to implement more complex changes as you may deem appropriate.

How do you handle legal and regulatory updates?

We work with our in-house attorneys and external legal advisors to stay on top of legal and regulatory developments in key jurisdictions. Afterwards, we make the necessary updates and changes which we will then recommend for your adoption (especially for previously executed agreements).

Effortless Equity Management
why Upstock?

From signing up to creating your equity pool and inviting team members, we've streamlined the process. We make equity plan creation and management easy.

10x more affordable than traditional equity
Top-shelf paperless legal contracts
All business and worker types
Secondary market RSU liquidity
One-size-fits-most approach

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