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Support your community by helping us build a world where all workers can own their fair share of the pie.

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At Upstock, we believe that people everywhere should have the tools to work effectively as an inspired team, without having to pay lawyers tens of thousands of dollars  for outdated demotivating legal frameworks.
Upstock Ambassadors are leading the charge towards a collaborative future by helping motivated teams access groundbreaking equity tools. Equity alignment catalyzes trust and magnifies leadership, be a catalyst for positive change in your community today. 

What does an Upstock Ambassador do?

  • Uses their magical superpowers (and personal network) to help connect teams with Upstocks's tools to share ownership in a company and/or project
  • Spreads the message that it is now possible for all humans to easily be rewarded fairly for the value they create
  • Joins together with a tribe of other motivated Upstock Ambassadors to help envision new tools to motivate, inspire, and incentivize people to work together

What does an Upstock Ambassador receive?

  • A portion of the monthly subscription fee for each new company brought onto Upstock
  • Earn equity in Upstock proportional to your contribution.
  • Special invitations to Upstock events, vision sessions, Ambassador meetups & more

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