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Convert to Upstock RSUs

Show workers their equity ownership growing in real time. 

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Offer Restricted Stock Units to workers

Give workers the option to convert their currently vested stock options into RSUs.
  • Ex. Worker receives Y amount of RSUs in exchange for X amount of currently vested stocks  
Offer workers RSUs for any future vesting of stock
Add workers on Upstock so that they can watch their equity grow in real time.

Benefits of Converting Stock Options into Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) 

Simplify the process of granting stock ownership to workers

  • Workers no longer needs to buy their stocks in order to gain ownership.
  • When fully vested, a portion of RSUs may be liquidated and sold to cover the taxes owed when converted into stocks.  
  • No taxes are owed until final payout.

Easily balance cap tables & manage book keeping 

  • No need for the company to hold shares in custody.
  • No voting rights are granted until RSU are converted into stocks, streamlining decision making and board meetings. 
  • No need to cancel outstanding shares when a worker leaves employment before their stocks have vested. 

Flexible administration

  • Leverages double-trigger vesting to help ensure that the company has cash on hand when RSUs are fully vested.
  • RSU buy back periods. Allowing workers to sell their RSUs back to the company for cash.
  • Different metrics may be applied to various equity pools. Allowing for performance pools or time pools to reward workers, contractors, advisors, and more.

Align interests of shareholders, management and workers.

  • Enhances worker's commitment long-term success with the company. Workers can see and believe their equity growing in real-time.
  • Allows the company to easily scale. 
  • Cut back on interoffice politics.

Why Upstock RSUs

At Upstock we've created compensation tools that make viewing your company's equity simple and easy to understand. 

In addition to the benefits of switching to RSU-based equity, here are a few ways Upstock makes life easier: 

Real-time data on how much equity is owned as well as the current value of that equity.
No more spreadsheets!
Have the entire company's equity data clearly compiled and easy to access on one platform.
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Eliminate Confusion for workers and owners. Owners always know who is contribution and workers no longer have to wonder how much their equity is worth.
Calculate Savings
Cost effective to implement and maintain. No more huge upfront costs to get a plan in place, and no more annual costs to update and analyze where your company stands. 

Contact us to convert your existing plan today. 

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