Example Equity Plans

Getting confused about equity plans and pool percentages?

Bellow are some standard examples of equity plans featuring fixed and dynamic equity. 

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Fixed Equity Pools

Example 1


Tech Startup

This company is young and scrappy and prefers to use RSUs instead of stock options for their workers.
  • 2 Founders
       70% Restricted Stock
  • 8 Workers
       10% Upstock Fixed RSU vesting
  • 2 Advisers
       1% Upstock Fixed RSU vesting
  • 5 Investors
       19% Equity 1.2M investment on SAFE

Example 2



International Business

This company has offered RSUs to a newly joined founder due to the high price of issuing restricted stock. They also rely on a large group of international contractors.
  • 3 Founders
       60% Restricted Stock plus Upstock                 Fixed RSUs for one founder
  • 60 Workers
       14% 20 employees & 40 contractors
       Upstock Fixed RUS vesting
  • 5 Advisers
       1% Upstock Fixed RSU vesting
  • 9 Investors
       25% Equity 8M investment, Series A

Dynamic Equity Pools

Example 1

Sales Startup

This company is young and scrappy and prefers to use dynamic RSUs instead of stock options for their sales teams and ambassador affiliates.
  • 2 Founders
       80% Restricted Stock
  • 10 Workers
       10% Upstock  Dynamic RSUs
  • 50 Affiliates
       1% Upstock Dynamic RSUs
  • 1 Investors
       9% Equity $150k investment on SAFE

Example 2

Large Complex Business

This company is an established capital intensive car sharing network that has recently converted most of their workers over from stock options to a mix of fixed and dynamic RSUs.
  • 1 CEO & Founder
       15% Restricted Stock plus Upstock                 Fixed RSUs for bonuses
  • 350 Workers.
       20% 300 Employees, 50 Contractors
       - VPs: Upstock Fixed RSU vesting 
         converted from legacy stock options
       - Employees & Contractors: Upstock                Dynamic RSUs
  • 20 Investors
       65% Equity $32M Investment, Series D

Alternative Configurations

Example 1

Food Prep Co-Op

This cooperative runs a healthy organic fast food preparation business and is sharing most of its ownership with its workers. 
  • 4 Founders
       40% Restricted Stock
  • 100 Workers
       50% Upstock  Dynamic RSUs
  • 4 Investors
       10% Equity $320k direct investment

Example 2

Growing Wine Distributor

This wine distribution company offers an equity bonus to workers each year. 
Valuation of company  $3M
  • 1 Founders
       80% Restricted Stock
  • 2019: 5 Workers
       1% Upstock  Dynamic RSUs
  • 2020: 10 Workers
       1% Upstock Dynamic RSUs
  • 5 Investors
       18% Equity $1.5M Investment 

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