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How do I sell off or liquidate my equity?
How do I sell off or liquidate my equity?

There are several ways to possibly sell off or liquidate your equity once your company achieves a landmark event and they pay out and settle your RSUs.

If your company gets acquired, what could happen is that your company could require the acquiring company to purchase all worker equity that has become vested, as a condition of the merger or acquisition. Alternatively, the acquiring company would itself make this offer as it may prefer to purchase all worker equity to ensure that it has sufficient voting power and economic interest once it acquires the target company.

If the landmark event is an initial public offering, then the process is much more straightforward since this will mean that your company’s equity will be listed in a stock exchange. Subject to the applicable holding period restrictions in your jurisdiction, the equity would ordinarily be tradable and transferable in that stock exchange once your company goes public.

Another possible way is to simply sell your equity privately to a third party, subject to possible regulatory conditions and limitations. However, finding a buyer this way is difficult and may not be convenient.

Please note that the foregoing information is for purposes of providing general information only. Upstock does not provide legal, tax or investment advice. In the event that your company reaches a landmark event and you intend to sell your newly-acquired equity, please consult with your lawyer, tax professional or investment adviser before making any legal or financial decision.

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