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How does Upstock improve my equity plan communication?
How does Upstock improve my equity plan communication?

We make it easier for you to communicate the benefits and advantages of your equity plan through our easy-to-understand and readily accessible plan communication materials.

Upstock believes that it doesn't work very well if a company simply sends workers a bunch of links to FAQs and documents as workers are less likely to read or review them if they involve a lot of text material.

For example, we believe that equity plan communication is a lot easier if you use rich media that is engaging to the workers. Upstock has a lot of plan communication materials that makes communicating the equity plan to workers much easier. An important part of Upstock’s communication strategy is the use of a visual dashboard where the worker can see the value of the equity, allowing them to intuitively understand its worth and trust that it has value.

A lot of companies do almost no equity plan communication or, a lot of times it's only Fortune-1000 companies that can pay or afford to hire a lawyer or a manager to do this for them. A lot of times, however, it’s not done properly as the designated communicator, for example, may not know what the company’s current valuation is or its potential value in the future.

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