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How does equity help attract, motivate and retain top talent?
How does equity help attract, motivate and retain top talent?

Equity helps increase a company's ability to attract, motivate, and retain top talent especially in this day and age where more and more workers are quitting and more and more workers are quitting. In the early part of 2022, millions of workers quit their job mostly due to dissatisfaction. Workers now want something more meaningful than just exchanging their time for money; equity compensation addresses this need.

How Upstock equity attracts top talent

When recruiting top talent, there’s a big difference between offering just a big salary and offering equity as part of that compensation package. Equity is a deal sweetener so long as the person to whom it is offered understands its value. Upstock enables companies to use equity to attract talent by allowing them to utilize its marketing and educational materials for workers, making it very easy to explain what the equity is worth.

Upstock equity uses restricted stock units (RSUs) which are more valuable than stock options as workers don't have to buy or exercise the option to get the equity. Companies can emphasize these RSU benefits as part of an offer or negotiation with a top talent.

How Upstock equity motivates workers and team members

Upstock motivates workers and team members through its visual dashboards showing the value of their potential equity rewards which they earned through their contributions and hard work. Upstock equity is supported by high-quality equity plan documents that workers can trust, allowing the development of an ownership mindset that can get them emotionally invested to do their best work.

How Upstock equity retains key talent and team members

We see this time and again on how equity is able to retain key people in the company. One of our customers recently said that, although they have a contract-based workforce, they've had the lowest turnover rate that they've ever seen for a period of time.

Our customers are impressed with the results and believe that equity compensation is one of their secret weapons in competing with more established companies in their industry.

Workers who understand their equity plans know that they'll get more equity by staying longer at the company. They are incentivized to stay when they see that their equity is about to vest. More importantly, these workers would start to feel like actual owners of the company. They will start to identify with the company and their co-workers. People want to build, develop and preserve anything that they identify with, so having equity in the company helps convince workers to not want to go somewhere else. 

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